Out Team

Tim Putnam

Tim Putnam is the President and founder of Advanced Automation Solutions.  Tim has over 35 years of experience in the Automation Industry.  Tim's years of experience allow Advanced Automation Solutions to offer innovative ways of feeding, orienting, and tracking parts, as well as full factory automation equipment and robotics.

You can reach Tim via email.

Craig Travis

Craig Travis has been with Advanced Automation Solutions for 3 years, bringing over 20 years experience of sales to our company.

You can reach Craig via email.

Chad Lindig

Chad Lindig has been with Advanced Automation Solutions since December 2012.  Chad brings years of experience in CAD drawing, Inventor 3D drawings, and has an extensive fabrication/electrical/hydraulic background.

You can reach Chad via email.

Brad Putnam

Brad Putnam has been with Advanced Automation Solutions for 5 years. Brad handles most of our programming for required applications, as well as our website management, and project scheduling.

You can contact Brad via email.